1. Be in charge of your own healing.

—Seek to understand what the healer/doctor or midwife is saying through askingquestions, utilizing the resource center, reading, or by some other means available through community resources.

—Most "prescriptions" require the client to make life changes. Expect that the greatest healing will occur

through one’s own self-determined effort.

— All any healer can do is help nature’s forces have cleaner interplay. The rest is up to nature. Be patient and work with the healer to explore the healing possibilities. We are simply helpers on the path that each client chooses for themselves.

—Recognize that many natural approaches are somewhat "experimental" by nature, and that many scientific reasons have yet to be fully understood. Use common sense and intuition to recognize if a healing is occurring. If things are going less well than expected, please contact your healthcare practitioner.

2. Be respectful of the healers and staff.

—Please be nice!

—Please be patient, especially while waiting for return phone calls. We are very busy, and people are frequently hard to reach. Persist with us and leave as many messages with our front desk and answering service as necessary to help communication occur. Leave a time that you can be reached. We want to communicate with everybody who calls—though the logistics of this may be a challenge, we do our best .

—Help us understand how we can better serve you.

3. Have other Doctors or healers available throughout the year to deal with emergencies and acute problems.

—Dr. Berg is a healthcare consultant, and though he is well trained in medicine, he prefers the lifestyle of a consultant, rather than a primary care physician. If his schedule allows, he will try to see people for acute problems. Otherwise, he expects that his clients maintain relations with the appropriate medical resources available in our community.

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