James Berg, MD

PO Box 371

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Medical Consultation to Help People Achieve their Wisdom Path of Healing

Offices in Hawi, Kona, Hilo, Ocean View on the Big Island of Hawai’i



Curriculum Vitae


1977                        Graduate, Mt. Lebanon High School, Pittsburgh, Pa.

                                President of Student Body, Senior Year


1981                        Graduate, Boston University, B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology


1986                        Graduate, University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine--M.D.

Founded  “Society for the Exploration of Wholistic, Naturalistic and Preventive Medicine", and a wholistic library at medical school


1987-1993               Licensed Medical Doctor in Pennsylvania


1989                        Completed a 3 year residency in Family Practice at Forbes Regional Health System

                                                Awarded “Resident Teacher of the Year” by faculty

                                Board Certified in Family Practice

                                Began public speaking engagements and teaching courses on natural medicine and wellness


1982-present           Barefoot doctoring at Rainbow Gatherings

                                Aided in coordination of setting up medical units

Facilitated evacuation and emergency procedures for over 30 national gatherings of 15,000-40,000 people

Every summer consecutively for more than 30 years!


1984-1989               Private tutorship studying Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture with Stuart Watts, O.M.D.,

Many hundreds of hours of training in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, endorsed and paid for by residency

                                Was on visiting Faculty of Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin


1989                        Began Private Practice of  Family Medicine and Acupuncture and Natural Medicine.

                                Clinical Director, Life-Work Group, Pittsburgh, Pa.

                                Part time with Health America as a Family Practitioner


1991-2002                    Moved Private Practice to Madisonville, LA

                                Licensed Medical Doctor in Louisiana


1991-present           co-Founded Barefoot Doctors Academy, School of Natural Medicine and School of Midwifery;

                                Current Co-director with wife, Dee Anne Domnick L.M.

                                Developed programs and taught courses on:  (see classes taught in appendix)

                                                Herbal Medicine

                                                Oriental Medicine

                                                Barefoot Doctoring



1993                        Consolidated relationship with Birth Rite Education Center (BREC), now called Barefoot Doctors’ Academy

                                Medical Director, BREC’s School of Midwifery

                                Board of Directors (Vice President) BREC

                                Co-owner of 'The Birthing Center' in Madisonville, LA


1993                        Sat on Louisiana State Board of Medicine, Midwifery Advisory Council


1994-96                   Wellness Consultant with the Neill Corporation

                                                Wrote, directed,  and performed in video entitled, “Enhancing Vitality”

                                                Faculty of Neill Quality College, and Wellness Director

                                                Designed and taught the Wellness Program for employees of Neill Corporation


1996                        Developed Team Injury Prevention, a sports injury prevention consultation practice


1997 -2000              Private Medical Practice re-located to Covington and Metairie, LA


1997-present          Awarded Clinical Assistant Professor, Tulane University, School of Medicine

                               Preceptor for two to three medical students per month in my private family practice


1998-2000               Taught series of courses on Acupuncture for MD’s and Oriental Medicine for Healthcare Practitioners

   a series of six month programs for medical doctors and professional healers in New Orleans


2000-July, 2002      Medical Director for Global Medical Center, Slidell, LA, a holistic health Clinic


July, 2002               Certified in Wilderness Advanced Life Support  AWLS by the Wilderness Medical Associates


July, 2002-August, 2003   Sabbatical, move to Hawaii, travel, and continue book called Letter to My Grandchildren

                                 Begin Sharing the Healing Wisdom Program, North Kohala, HI

                                 Consultant to Kohala Natural Healing Arts, Hawi, HI

                                 Consultant for EDUEN,   Gresham, Oregon


September, 2003-present    Private medical practice in Hawi, HI


December, 2004-2012       Community Faculty,  University of Minnesota,  Center for Spirituality and Healing


January, 2005-present      Moderator and Coordinator of Integrative Healing Forum,  North Hawaii Community Hospital,

                                             a series of four forums joining Healers of all professions to discuss clinical challenges.


September, 2004 through May, 2005   Presenter of the Barefoot Doctors Training Program in Hawi,

                                             a series of eighteen classes on common clinical challenges for the general public.


Feb, 2006 through 2012      Co-direct one month program for medical students from University of Minnesota, School of

Medicine on Integrative Medicine for Medical Students


2006  through present        Developer and Director the Barefoot Doctors’ Academy’s Disaster and Emergency Responder Team

Training Program


September 2009       Further Trained and Re-certified in AWLS -- Advanced Wilderness Life Support by the Wilderness

Medical Society


May 2011          Trained and Certified in ATLS  --  Advanced Trauma Life Support by the American College of

Surgeons (ACS) Committee on Trauma


June 2012                  Trained and Certified in PALS      --  Pediatric Advanced Life Support by AHA


June 2012                  Trained and Certified in ACLS  --  Advanced Cardiac Life Support by AHA


July 2012          Trained and Certified as an Advanced Provider in Remote Medicine by the Remote Medical Institute


August 2012     Trained and Certified as a Diving Medicine Physician DMAC/EDTCmed level IIA, through UHMS,

                             NOAA’s Physician Training In Diving Medicine program


September 2012       Completed Fellowship Training (Over 4 years) and made a Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine,

part of the Wilderness Medical Society (WMS)


5-2013  through 2020   re-Board Certified Family Medicine by ABFM


4-2014  through 2021  Board Certified Integrative  and Holistic Medicine through ABIHM


2010  and ongoing     Developer and teacher of the  Barefoot Responder Training Program  through the Barefoot Doctors’            

                    Academy (BFDA)






Authored Books:


Visions of Heaven and Earth, a book of poetic insights

Way of Barefoot Doctoring, a book on careful healing

Yoga and the Topology of Experience, a book on the yogic implications of  modern neurocognition

Yoga Sutras of  Patanjali , a unique translation of each sutra from Sanskrit in five different ways

Letter to My Grandchildren, a novel about barefoot doctoring, yoga, and the rainbow way

Consciousness Sutras, a book on the mastery of being aware

Dialogues a book of Short Stories


Currently working on the Way of Barefoot Responding



Lectures, Talks, Seminars and Classes taught by Jim Berg, MD 


Pittsburgh Center for Massage Therapy, 1989, 1990

Pathology for Massage Therapists Course


Life-Work Group, Pittsburgh, PA

                Therapeutic Movements, 1990-1991

                Wellness Course. 1990


Fourwinds Foundations, Madisonville, LA

Therapeutic Movements for Healthcare Practitioners, 1992, 93, 94

                Introduction to Chinese Medicine Series, 1993-94

Techniques of Wellness Weekend, 1993


Living Foods, Baton Rouge, LA  1992

                Therapeutic Movement Course

                Series on “Bringing Wellness into your Life”



Anita Hill Show, Television New Orleans talk show

                Wholistic Medicine, 1993

                Acupuncture, 1994


Aikido for Kids Series, 1993


Austin Academy of Oriental Medicine, 1994,

                The Practice of Acupuncture from a Medical Doctor’s Perspective


Rotary Club, Covington, LA,  1995

                What Acupuncture Can Do for You


The Well Being Symposium  New Orleans 1995



Convention on Herbal Medicine, Belize City, Belize  1995

                Natural Medicines


National Talk Show, Belize  1995

                Using Herbs


The Well Being Symposium, Dallas, TX  1996

                Bringing Wellness into your Life


Neill Quality College, 1995, 1996

                The Great Game of Wellness:

                Therapeutic Movements

                Strategies of Wellness

                Foods for Wellness

                Herbs and Supplements

                Massage for Wellness

                Environmental Wellness

                Wellness in the Salon


Birth Rite Education Center, College of Midwifery

                Herbs in Gynecology

                Embryology for Midwives

                Acupuncture for the Midwife


Barefoot Doctors’ Academy  1994-5, repeated 1995-96

            Basic Sciences Course

                                Anatomy and Physiology

                                Esoteric Anatomy and Physiology


            Clinical Skills

Wholistic Strategies of Healing Course

                                Comparing Healing Modalities

                                The Art of Barefoot Doctoring

                Diagnostics Course

                                History and Interviewing Skills

Physical Exam Skills

                Using the Laboratory Wisely

                Eight Principles and Fundamental Substances

                The Internal Organs

                Tongue, Pulse and Abdominal Exam Skills

                Constitutional Analysis

            Natural Therapeutics Course

                Herbal Medicine:  The Use of Natural Substances in Healing

                                Botany and the Pharmacology of Natural Substances

                                Properties of Common Herbs

                                Patent Formulas

                                Stocking a Home Apothecary

                                Practical Applications of Herbal Substances

                                Wound Healing and Charcoal Therapies

                BodyWork:  The Use of the Hands for Direct Healing

                                Theories Behinds Direct Healing Techniques

                                Bodywork Techniques

                Application of Natural Therapeutics

                                Dietary Therapy

                                Vitality Enhancement Techniques

                                Eradicating Headaches

                                Dealing Effectively with Common Men’s Challenges

Dealing Effectively with Common Female Challenges

                                Arthritis and Tending to Our Joints

                                Caring for Our Back and Neck

                                Natural Strategies for Common Childhood Problems

                                Enhancing Our Immunity

                                Wilderness Medicine             

          Wholistic Strategies for Healthcare Practitioners Course, 1995

                Acupuncture, Herbs and Bodywork for Healthcare Practitioners

                Therapeutic Movements for Healthcare Practitioners

          Suturing Workshop


Louisiana State University, School of Medicine

                Natural Medicine for Medical Doctors


HerbFest, Biloxi, Mississippi  3/97

                Introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine


Migrant Farmworkers Convention, Keynote speaker,  Indianapolis, IN 10/97 

                Overview of Alternative Medicine

                Herbs Application Migrant Healthcare Workers

                The Art of Barefoot Doctoring


Team Injury Prevention, Covington High School

                Preventing Injuries in Football

                Martial Applications in Football


Jazz Fest Convention on Alternative Medicine  4/97

                Alternative Medicine

                Introduction to Acupuncture


Tulane University, School of Medicine  Introduction to Patient Care Course,  

                Complementary, Alternative and Natural Medicine


Tulane University Medical Student’s Interest Group on Complementary Medicine, 1996, 97, 98

                Opportunities in  Natural Medicine for the Medical Student               


Mind-Body Center, Metairie, LA, 1997

                Introduction to Acupuncture


Touch of Health, Mandeville, LA, 1997

                Herbal Treatment of Menopause

                Natural Treatments for Cold and Flu’s


American Medical Student Convention, ‘98

                The Clinical Application of  Acupuncture


Louisiana Midwives Association, 1998

                The Ethics of Healthcare Regulation     


Grand Rounds, Touro Hospital 

                Complementary Medicine in the Hospital


Phoenix Physicians,  New York, NY  12/98

Bringing the Internal Organs into Excellence


East Jefferson Hospital Family Practice Residency 1/97

                Medical Acupuncture


Neuropsychiatric Aspects of Primary Care Conference, Tulane University, School of Medicine, Dept of Psychiatry.   2/99

                Herbs in Primary Care

                Acupuncture in Primary Care


Acupuncture for MD’s  1/99-6/99

                Six-Month Course for Medical Doctors 150 hours (See List of Classes below)


Cardiac Issues and Advancement, New Orleans, LA, through Contemporary Forums, Sept 15, 1999

Alternative Medicine for Cardiology


Oncology Nursing, San Antonio, TX, through Contemporary Forums, Sept 22, 23, 1999

                Alternative Therapies in Oncology I:  Complementing Cancer Treatments with Natural Therapies

                Alternative Therapies in Oncology  II:  Complementing Cancer Treatments with Chinese Medicine


Tulane University, School of Medicine, monthly seminars on community medicine for  Medical Students, 1999.


Natural Approaches to Diabetes,  Conference for Diabetes Educators, New Orleans, April, 2000


Natural Approaches to Women’s Healthcare, Amite, Louisiana, May, 2000


Annual Conference for  Sharp Healthcare, San Diego, California  September, 2000

                Using Herbs Wisely in Modern Medicine

                Introduction to Complementary Medicine


Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin, Oct, 2000 Weekend Seminar

                East  meets West--Hypertension

                East Meets West--Rheumatology

                East Meets West--Herbs and Their Consequences

                Physiology of Acupuncture

                Fundamental Causes of Disease

                Dealing with Headaches Wholistically


American Oriental Bodywork Therapy Association,  weekend Seminar November, 2000

                Using Movements Therapeutically

                Towards a Mastery of Qi

                Using Qi in Bodywork

                Introduction to Oriental Medicine for Bodyworkers


Migrant Farmworkers Convention, Albequerque, NM, Oct, 2000

                Herbs and Drug Interactions, for the Migrant Farmworker Healthcare Provider


Programs taught through the Barefoot Doctors’ Academy in the year 2000:

                Herbal Medicine Certification Program:  Introduction and  Intermediate levels  (9 month program)

Definitions of Terms Used in Herbal Medicine

Pharmacognosy and the Chemistry of Natural Substances

Wholistic Approaches to Therapeutics

Properties of Herbs I:  Diaphoretics, parts One and Two

Properties of Herbs II:  Diuretics and Laxatives

Properties of Herbs III:  Expectorants and Mucostatics,

Properties of Herbs IV: 

Restorative Herbs:  Qi Tonics and Blood Builders

Wound Healing

The Basic Oriental Herbal Pharmacopoeia 

  Thinking about Herbs in Oriental Medicine

  Herbs and Formulas for the Heart

  Herbs and Formulas for the Liver

  Herbs and Formulas for the Kidneys

Herbs and Formulas for Digestion

Herbs and Formulas for the Lungs

Getting Medical Students to Think like Oriental Doctors

Case Study:  Approaching Menopause

Natural Medicine and Diabetes

Common Herbs and their Clinical Application

Common Herbs for the College Infirmary Staff

Herbs and Drug Interactions

Herbs for Women’s Health

Helping Digestion

Natural Strategies for Common Childhood Challenges

Enhancing our Immunity and Fighting Infection

Vitality Enhancement Therapies

Medicinal Plants From Around the World

Caring for our Joints

Wilderness Medicine

Herbal Strategies for Psychological Conditions

Stocking a Home Apothecary


Chinese Medicine for Healthcare Practitioners (5 month program)

Acupuncture for MD’s  (5 month program)

                 Physiology of Acupuncture

The Place of Acupuncture in Modern Medicine

Eight Principles as a Diagnostic Compass

Modern Applications of the Fundamental Substances

Internal Organs from Traditional Chinese Medicine and their Relevance to Clinical Practice

Wholistic Diagnostics

Clinical Applications of Tongue Diagnosis

Appreciating the Pulse

Using Constitutional Analyses Through Out History

Ayurvedic Constitutional Analysis

Understanding the Five Elements

Acupuncture for Low Back Pain

Acupuncture for Neck Pain

Acupuncture for Headaches

Acupuncture for the Knee

Acupuncture for the Shoulder

Acupuncture for Respiratory Invasions

Acupuncture Strategies for Common General Practice

Acupuncture in Midwifery, Gynecology and Obstetrics

Bodywork Techniques in Clinical Practice

Practicing the Basic Bodywork Strokes

Therapeutic Movements for the Neck and Shoulders

Therapeutic Movements for the Back, Pelvis and Hips

Therapeutic Movements for the Internal Organs

Locating Points on the Heart Meridian

Locating Points on the Pericardium Meridian

Locating Points on the Lung Meridian

Locating Points on the Large Intestine Meridian

Locating Points on the Small Intestine Meridian

Locating Points on the Triple Warmer Meridian

Locating Points on the Spleen Meridian

Locating Points on the Liver Meridian

Locating Points on the Kidney Meridian

Locating Points on the Stomach Meridian

Locating Points on the Gallbladder Meridian

Locating Points on the Bladder Meridian

Clinical Significance and Location of the Five Star Points


Anatomy of the Abdomen and Pelvis  for Midwives, April 2000


Semptember 2000-present      Wellness series:  Talks at local establishments and companies as part of Global Medical Center on a variety of wellness issues related to Menopause, Fibromyalgia, Carpel Tunnel.


Louisiana’s Critical Care Nurses in Lafayette, Louisiana

                Common Herbs, their Clinical Uses and Precautions, October 2000.

Dealing With Hypertension Naturally,  October 2001


Navaho Regional Community Hospital , October, 2001

                Keynote speaker for Doctors:   The Mechanics and Clinical Utility of Acupuncture

                Grand Rounds:  How even a Hospital can Appreciate Acupuncture  and Eastern Medicine


Four hour workshop for Sharp Reese Medical Group’s Medical Doctors,  Palm Desert, California.  Dec 2001

                Looking at Disease from a variety of Perspectives

                Hypertension as a prototype to understand the Clinical Importance of Integrative Medicine

                Dealing With Phlegm Conditions Naturally


Guest Speaker at annual CME Conference for Sharp Reese Medical Group, Dec 2001:

                The Neurophysiology and Clinical Application of Acupuncture .


Guest Lecturer, Delta College, School of Massage Therapy; Covington, LA., Nov 2002

Clinical Applications of Massage Therapy.

Lecturer, EDUEN, Gresham, Oregon,  

The Healing Paradigm of Barefoot Doctoring


Lecturer, Navapache Regional Medical Center, June, 2003

                Grand Rounds:  Natural Approaches to Hypertension

                Clinical Application of Natural Medicine


Causes of Disease from a Variety of Perspectives, Hawi HI  May 2004


Using Herbs Wisely in Clinical Practice, North Hawaii Community Hospital, Waimea, Hi  May, 2004


Barefoot Doctor Training in Hawi, September, 2004 through May, 2005

    Introduction to Barefoot Doctoring

9-22   Understanding the Internal Organs from Many Perspectives

9-29   Introduction to Holistic Medical Diagnostics

            10-06   Introduction to Holistic Medical Therapeutics

                   Barefoot Doctoring for Common Health Challenges

            10-13   Respiratory Diseases and Invasions

            10-20   Arthritis and Inflammatory Disorders

            10-27   Heart Disease

            11-03   Digestive Upset

            11-10   Diabetes and Obesity

            1-12     Fatigue and Vitality

            1-26     Enhancing Immunity and Fighting Infection

2-09     Pediatric Problems I

2-23     Pediatric Problems II

            3-09     Psychological Challenges

            3-23     Women’s Health Issues

            4-06     Men’s Health Issues

            4-20     Longevity and Preventive Strategies

            5-04     Stocking a Home Apothecary

            5-11     Wilderness Medicine and First Aid


Integrative Healing Forum, North Hawaii Community Hospital, 2 and 1/2 hours presentations and discussions on

                Reversing Respiratory Conditions  October 19, 2005

                Dealing Effectively with Arthritis and Inflammation  November 16, 2005

                Dealing Effectively with Diabetes  February 1, 2005


Annually Feb, 2006  through 2012 Lectures for Medical Students from the University of Minnesota, School of Medicine

                How to Approach the Clinical Art of Medicine Wisely

                Fundamental Causes of Disease as Understood by Western Medicine, Oriental Medicine, and Ayurvedic Medicine

                What does it Mean to be Really Healthy

                History and Physical Exam that Includes Wellness

                An Integrative Approach to Therapeutics

                Designing a Wellness Plan for Patients

                Designing Your Own Wellness Plan


4-2010      Disaster and Emergency Response Team Training Program:

                  The History of Disaster in Hawaii and North Kohala

                  State and Federal Agencies And Role in Disaster Response

                  The Role of the People in Disaster Response


3-2012      Embryology for Midwives, through the Barefoot Doctors’ Academy.



Ongoing programs through the Barefoot Doctors’ Academy:

Community Therapeutic Exercise

Emergency Preparedness and response Team Training

Barefoot Doctors’ Academy’s Internship Program

Remote and Rescue Training:  Wilderness First Response