Barefoot Doctors’ Academy’s


Honor System of Midwifery:

I. Midwifery Student

First Order of Aspiration

            1. Commitment to the Midwifery arts

            2. Novice level starting with basic arts and science of Midwifery

            3. Beginning towards profound self care

  Second Order of Aspiration

            1. Completion of introduction to basic science of Midwifery

                        a. Biology, botany, zoology, biochemistry

                        b. Anatomy and Physiology

                        c.  Childbirth Education

                        d. Psychology

                        e. Natural Healing

                        f. Nutrition

                        g. Midwifery Science

            2. Further gearing of life towards becoming a Midwife

            3. Further skill and success at self care techniques

  Third Order of Aspiration

1. Completion of introduction to Midwifery clinical arts and sciences, as well as the general clinical sciences of:

                        a. Pathophysiology

                        b. Vitality

                        c.  Diagnostics

                        d. Therapeutics

            2. Skill in Self care

            3. Dedicated community service  


II. Midwifery Apprentice

   First Degree of Commitment to Midwifery

1. Prove competency in history and exam skills begin supervised work with patients

2. Work directly with a variety of Midwives/Doctors/Teachers, assisting and learning specific obstetric techniques

3. Prove understanding of the ways of an excellent and less than excellent birth

4. Begin teaching self care techniques and/or childbirth education to those in sphere of influence and further refine ones own level of health

5. Continue community service either begin ones own project or intimately tie in with existing projects

            6. Begin involvement with local, national and/or international Midwifery organizations


Second Degree of Commitment to Midwifery

1. Refine diagnostic and therapeutic skills while working in a Midwifery clinic or Birthing Center

2. Begin specialization in a particular area of midwifery and work directly with experts in that area

3. Teach specific classes in areas of self‑care and/or childbirth education open to the community

            4. Continue perfection of one's own self care

            5. Continue community service project

6. Continue involvement with local, national and/or international Midwifery organizations


Third Degree of Commitment to Midwifery

1. Supervise students and other apprentices in perfecting their diagnostic and therapeutic skills

            2. Continue and perfect specialized skills in Midwifery

            3. Teach an educational program in self‑care and/or childbirth education

            4. Continue and or complete community service and entice other students, apprentices and midwives to participate/carry on project

            5. Continue perfection of self-care techniques

6. Continue involvement with local, national and/or international Midwifery organizations

Successful completion of the above earns title of Midwife

III. Midwife


  First Honor

            1. Successful completion of above through apprenticeship, third degree

            2. Pursue active private midwifery practice

3. Coordinate educational programs for self‑care techniques, childbirth education and/or childbirth assisting

            4. Active participation in community service projects

            5. Pursue higher levels of mastery of self‑care

6. Participate in continuing healing education, especially work with a master

            7. Begin taking on apprentices


  Second Honor

            1. Continue clinical private practice with proven success of techniques

            2. Take on apprentices who go on to become Midwives

            3. Supervise community service projects

            4. Continue work on perfecting the political integrity of midwifery

            5.  Continue work with a master midwife to further expertise

            6. Become a diplomat with Barefoot Doctors everywhere

            7. Develop educational program in Midwifery training


  Third Honor

1. Highly skilled techniques proven in a clinical setting, and respected amongst colleagues as an expert

            2. Apprentices, turned Midwives, now are teachers of Midwives

            3. Proven success in community service and Midwifery education

4. Stand out as a highly respected diplomat of the Barefoot Doctors everywhere

5. Be a strong influence in the honorable manifestation of the Midwifery Arts, locally and most likely nationally and internationally


  IV. Mastery

            1. Honorable expert in self-care

            2. Honorable expert clinician in Midwifery

            3. Honorable teacher of teachers of Midwifery

            4. Invaluable success in community, national and/or global service

            5. Proven wisdom and strength in the evolution of Midwifery

            6. Advisor to the diplomats of Barefoot Doctors everywhere.


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