Jim Berg, MD,  1999


1.   Living caries with it a cost, and all life forms must face up to this burden .   This karmic debt may be developed, inherited, societal, racial, planetary and/or cosmic.

 2.   Nothing can hasten the healing process more than respect for Life.  From respect comes the willingness to take responsibility for life and living.  Responsibility is essential to overcome the momentum of karma. Neglect of this responsibility allows chaos to disrupt the integrity of the form.   Chaos is the nemesis of the harmony that is health.

 3.   Revelation, repentance, and atonement are signs of a responsible intent to pay ones karmic debt.

 4.   Life is rooted in the Good, the Beautiful, and the True.  Disease, as part of life, is also rooted in these.  Suffering comes with the great karmic burden that distracts our eyes to the glamours  that promise empty relief and vainglorious hope.   The individual may remain blinded, overwhelmed by his debts, or he may open his eyes, envision the more worthy way, and finally repay this price of ancient error.

 5.   First the person must recognize the extent of his glamours and the vast illusions that delude his mind.  This is more easily accomplished by first understanding the essentials of Life.   Now allied with the Principles of Life, he may understand the value of his existence and seek the strength to shine his more brilliant qualities.

 6.   Much of disease is  a result of the great synchronicity of events which tie the individual karma with the rest of the universe.   Nothing is by accident and our choice is forced to realize its finitude, as fate spews forth from the meeting of our wills and destiny.   The individual may face his fate with dignity and respect, or he may shy away in disgrace, confusion, or unsurity.   The former hastens the healing, the latter adds more to the debt.

 7.   The healers duty is to help the person gather the healing forces--whether internal or external--and use these resources as necessary to relieve the burden.  Though a healer may provide a map to gather these forces, he should do no more than direct the eyes of the person to the area of disruption and ponder the various avenues of relief.   A person must walk his own path, for he walks on is own feet; each of us must captain our own ship with destiny to meet our fate.

 8.   The  forces of Nature provide the most profound  healing resources, though as mankind matures we are learning to transform these resources into  more reliable forms.  The healer's most important virtues are the wisdom of what he is capable and not, and the integrity to  honestly apply this wisdom.  This must be coupled with the patience to allow time to prove nature's talents, yet also with the skilled swiftness to intervene when the life is not prepared to take heed to nature's more final restitution of the form.

 9.   The cooperation of the forces of both nature and man are vital in the healing process, especially if supported by the person's blessing, will to live, and integrity.

 10.  Creativity supplements the will enticing the healing energies into play.  When the person permits the creative tendencies to prosper, the will-to-be-well is more vital.  Stifle the creativity of either nature or the person, and illness is more likely to prevail.

 11.  Profound insight, sense of purpose, and joy in living are blossoms of the creative forces and suggest that healing is occurring, though the grosser forms may lag behind the more subtle.  Tissue damage, whether through trauma or misguided vibration, may require more aggressive repair like a garden that needs weeded, fertilized or trimmed.  These methods, however, allow the healing forces to have cleaner interplay, and rarely effect a cure by themselves.

 12.  Confusion, cynicism, and despair add evidence that the person is loosening the grip on his forms, allowing the more chaotic and dispersing forces to take precedence over integrity.   These hinder the healing forces much like darkness, dryness and foul air does a plant.

 13.  Though exercise, foodstuffs, medicines, and/or surgery may be offered to relieve the more grosser forms, re-directed consciousness is required to harmonize the more subtle aspects of our being.  This serves to attune the inner vision with a purer tone and may effect a more permanent cure and prevent further ill-vibration.

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