The willingness to seek as accurate and complete an account as possible of any situation in which one is living.


The willingness to face insecurity and to make the sacrifice needed to achieve the goal deemed worthwhile but dangerous.


The willingness to recognize the unearned increments of value in one’s experience, whether the emotional response of gratitude is present or not, by thought or action suitable to the value received.


The willingness to be acquainted with a person whom one knows, likes and trusts. 


The willingness to deal with actual and possible conflict within a given life by seeking to harmonize the different elements in accordance with their own potential and the good of the personality as a whole.


The willingness to heighten the response of the senses and of the mind to the highest level in oneself and others.


The willingness to recognize one’s shortcomings and one’s assets, without minimizing one or maximizing the other, in the realization of the responsibility that both involve.


The willingness to make no exception of oneself in the distribution of either goods or evils, unless one can show good reason for doing so. 


The willingness to make explicit one’s realization of evil consciously perpetrated, to ask the person or persons wronged for forgiveness, and to make amends as far as possible for the evil done. 


 The willingness to treat the person by whom one has been purposely wronged with a view to increasing the value in his life and in all our mutual relationships and not simple to punish evil.


The willingness to help others who are needy (owing to nonmoral deficits in their lives) in such a way that they may still experience values of which they are capable.


 The willingness to work persistently although in a minority for the values and behavior to be the ideal ends for all persons.


The willingness to protect freedom of speech, of worship and of conscience for all members of the body-politic. 


The willingness to show or understand the feelings of another person; compassion..


The willingness to leave no stoned unturned to enhance the sharing of all goods and evils that will help members of a community to live in mutual respect. 

From Bertocci, Peter, Personality and the Good.