The Ethical Standards for Ayurvedic Physicians (CHARAKA SAMHITA)



Always speak the truth

Do not lose your temper under any circumstances

     Do not get addicted to sensory pleasures

Do not harm anyone

As far as possible do not expose yourself to hardships

Try to control your passions

Endeavor to speak pleasant and sweet words

Meditate every day for tranquility of mind

Observe cleanliness in all things

Be patient

Observe self-control

Try to distribute knowledge, good advice, and money to others

Whenever possible devote your services to God, to wise and respectable individuals, or the elderly

Be straightforward and kind

Avoid irregularity in daily activities

Consume food of Sattvic quality (Do not take overly spicy, sour, or non-vegetarian foods, or alcohol)

Behave according to the time and place where you are residing

Act always in a courteous and polite manner

Control your sense organs

Make a habit of doing all that is good and avoiding all that is bad