TCM Approach to Headaches




Type of  Pain

Point Selection

Herbal Remedy


Occipital with stiffness

LU-7, GB-20, Du-16,


Minor Blue-Green Dragon

Six Gentleman


Severe, Distending,

Whole Head

LI-4, GB-20, Du-16,

Du-14, TB-5

Yin Chiao


Heaviness as if wrapped

LU-7,LI-6, SP-6, SP-8,

Du-23, ST-40

Minor Blue-Green Dragon



Distending, Throbbing

Liv-3, Liv-8, SP-6,

TB-5, GB-20, Kid-3

Gastrodia and Uncaria



Distending, Throbbing,

with heat signs

Liv-2, SP-6, TB-5,

GB-8, GB-20, Taiyang

Gentian Drain Fire


Pulling, whole head

Liv-3, SP-6, GB-20,

Du-16, Du-20

Gastrodia and Uncaria

Liver-Qi Stagnation

Forehead, vice-like

Liv-3, GB-34, LI-4

St-36, Du-24, Taiyang

Bupleurum and

Tang Kwei

Stagnation of Cold in the Liver Channel

Intense, Top of Head,

with feeling of cold

Liv-3, Du-20,


Stasis of Blood

Stabbing, Splitting, Boring

LI-11, LI-4, SP-6,

Liv-3, Ah Shi Points

Corydalis Formula

Turbid Phlegm

Heaviness as if wrapped


St-40, LI-4, Lu-7, St-8,


Pinellia and Magnolia Bark

Turbid Phlegm Wind

Signs of Stroke

St-40, LI-4, Lu-7, St-8,

Du-20, SI-3, Bl-62, GB-20

Pinellia and Magnolia Bark


Heaviness as if wrapped

Sp-3, LI-4, Lu-7,

CV-12, Bl-20, St-8

Jade-Screen and Xanthium

Stomach Heat

Forehead, Intense,

with heat signs

St-44, LI-4, Yintang

St-34, Du-23, St-8

Coptis Relieve Toxicity

Retention of Food

Forehead pain after eating, with nausea

CV-10, St-21, P-6, St-34, St-45, LI-4, St-8

Pill Curing

Ease Digestion

Qi Deficiency

Dull, alleviated by rest

Aggravated by work

St-36, CV-6, Sp-6, Du-20, LI-4

Ginseng and Astragalus

Sea of Qi

Blood Deficiency

Dull, top of head,

associated with dizziness


St-36, Sp-6, Bl-20,

Liv-8, CV-4, Du-20, Bl-15

Women’s Precious Tablets

Kidney Deficiency

Feeling of Emptiness

Kid-3, St-36, Sp-6, Du-20, GB-19, CV-4 (yin def), Bl-23 (yang def)

Nourish Essence,  Jing Qi

Essential Yang  (Yang def)

Eight Immortal s  (Yin def)