Sutras of a Wise Healer


Health and healing are dependant on the cooperative forces of nature, and acts of caring. 


Illness and disease result from the destructive forces of nature and neglect. 


A healthcare practitioner hastens the healing by honoring the cooperative and caring way. 


This wisdom is shown by caring thoughts, words and deeds that support the cooperative forces of nature. 


Witnessing the practitioner’s discipline of self-care, a patient may have a hint of the practitioner’s ability, honor and wisdom. 


Look to the practitioner’s living and work place and see if they seem enticing to the cooperative forces of nature. 


Further appreciate the practitioner’s wisdom in the health of his/her family, friends and clients to discern the strength and depth of his/her discipline and principles of health. 


Wisdom is the success of a caring life, and is shown as health