Discipline Strategies



Strong willed






















Little bit bitter than none





Go with the flow



Patient--Not easily frustrated


Impatient--Easily frustrated



Not easily distracted


Easily distracted



Strong ego


Weak ego



Deep vision





Clear minded


Foggy minded























Strategies for Discipline


Level of Comfort

  1. Do everything possible:  Do whatever is conceived to gain success;  Make a plan and stick to it without fail.   Tolerate whatever discomfort necessary to fulfill the vision.
  2. Do what is necessary:  Do what is needed to gain success without becoming completely obsessed with the process.  Tolerate some reasonable discomfort to attain the goal.
  3. Do what is comfortable:  Do what is needed to gain success and still live the good life.   The goal can be attained while not only avoiding discomfort, but while still enjoying life.


Directness to Goal

  1. Enter directly towards the goal and overcome any obstacles by facing and defeating them.
  2. Avoid and go around obstacles that impede the path to the goal.


Preparedness for the Journey

  1. Study and practice many techniques so as to be familiar with the terrain and the tools called for to traverse the path.
  2. Master one or a few techniques well
  3. Spontaneous and deal with whatever comes up when it comes up.


Motivation Technique

  1. Guilt
  2. Shame
  3. Fear
  4. Pride
  5. Hope
  6. Whatever



  1. Look towards the positive aspects of how and why the goal needs to be manifested. 
  2. Understand the drawbacks and negative aspects of attaining the goal in a particular way.
  3. Neutral and simply attain the goal. 


After the Fact

  1. Proud of the fruits of the actions
  2. Embarrassed by the failures
  3. Heavy ruminating about the significance of the events
  4. Take it for what it was and move on the present moment