Signs and Symptoms of Healthy Organs



Good stamina and aerobic capacity

Good circulation to internal organs and sinews

Open feeling in chest strong breathing capacity;  no palpitations, flutter;

Good lustre and pink color of face, skin, conjunctiva, and fingernails

Nice pink tongue, settled, with round, pink tip

Strong, steady, slow, full, and regular pulse

Brightness of consciousness

Heart sounds strong, with regular rate and rhythm varying slightly with respiration;

no murmurs, gallops or abnormal heart sounds

Seeks to enjoy life, passionate, and hopeful

Well rested, good dreams and sleep


Digestive organs

Good Digestion, comfortable, energizing and fulfilling

Well nourished

Mildly rounded, firm, smooth feeling abdomen

Steadiness of mood and demeanor

Firm, moist, pleasant smelling stools

Good bowel sounds, without rigidity, guarding or distension

No diarrhea or constipation

Breathing into belly

Full, Strong, steady pulse

Nice clear tongue coat, pink, round edges, normal size and shape

Healthy, resistant, bowel flora

Strong muscles, full figured

Grounded, stable, centered, secure person


Good stamina and aerobic capacity; able to tolerate rigorous exercise

Feels inspired

Has brightness of consciousness

Nice skin and fingernail texture and color

Clean, clear and gentle coat on nice pink tongue

Strong chest and shoulders

Uses diaphragmatic breathing as the default

Breaths into the kidneys

Disciplined, focused, regular in habit, and pleasant

Nice moist, cool feeling in throat, and breathing tubes

Resistant to colds, catarrh, sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, cough, allergies, asthma

Clear open lung sounds, with no wheezes, rales or rhonchi


Comfortable urination and low back

Good control of urination

Strong libido

Good physical and mental integrity

Pleasant smelling, light yellow non-cloudy urine

Nice skin color, turgor and texture

Strong waist and back

Robust energy

Good interstitial fluid and lymphatic circulation

Healthy Blood pressures

No costovertebral tenderness

Strong, rich Blood

No urinary hesitation, urgency, nocturia, leakage


Open, comfortable feeling in the upper abdomen

Well tolerating to many food types, even in unusual combinations

Good blood clotting ability

Strong, flexible, and soft sinews

Pleasant, flexible demeanor

Able to detoxify toxins appropriately

Steady, smooth, strong pulse

Tongue with smooth, light pink,  non-inflamed edges

Normal menstrual cycle, comfortable, nice flow

Nice bowel movements

Able to do forward bends and twists comfortably

Normal, healthy skin color and appearance

Pink fingernails and conjunctiva

Clear, normal colored skin