Seventeen Core Competencies of Accreditation Standards

Presented by the Pew Commission


§         Care for the communities health

§         Expand access to effective care

§         Provide clinically competent care

§         Emphasize primary are

§         Participate in coordinated care

§         Ensure cost-effectiveness and appropriate care

§         Practice prevention

§         Involve patients and families in decision making process

§         Promote healthy lifestyles

§         Assess and use technology appropriately

§         Improve the health care system

§         Manage information

§         Understand the environment’s role

§         Provide counseling of ethical issues

§         Accommodate expanded accountability

§         Participate in racially and culturally diverse society

§         Continue to learn

From UCSF Center for Health Professionals, Task force on Accreditation of Health Professionals Education, Working Paper, 1998, pg28