Rays Qualities of Personality

First Ray of Will or Power: clear vision, dynamic power, sense of time, solitariness, detachment, and singleness of purpose.

Second Ray of Love-Wisdom: Divine Love, radiance, attraction, the power to save, wisdom, and expansion or inclusiveness

Third Ray of Active Intelligence or Adaptability: Power to manifest, power to evolve, mental illumination, the power to produce, synthesis on the physical plane, scientific investigation and balance

Fourth Ray of Harmony or Union:  Dual aspects of desire, the power to reveal the path, the power to express Divinity and growth, the harmony of the spheres, and the synthesis of true beauty

Fifth Ray Of Concrete Knowledge:  Emergence into form and out of form, the power to make the voice of silence heard, the power of initiate activity, revelation of the way, purification with fire, and the manifestation of the Great White Light.

Sixth Ray of Abstract Idealism or Devotion:  Power to kill desire, the spurning of that which is not desired, endurance and fearlessness, the power to detach oneself, and the overcoming of the waters of the emotional nature

Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order:  Power to create, the power to cooperate, the power to think, the revelation of the beauty of God, mental power, and the power to vivify

From:  Bailey, Alice.  Esoteric Psychology