A.       Care about your Life.

1.         Pursue the Path of your Fulfillment

a)        Aspire towards the Beauty of your Life

b)        Gain clear vision on What is Important

c)         Have Reason to Live

2.         Make choices that Respect your Life

a)        Be Strong in Discipline according to the wisest Principles of Living

b)        Be in Beautiful, Clean and fulfilling Places

c)         Avoid Toxic Exposure

3.         Have an unconditional positive regard to all Life

B.       Obey Natures’ Way

1.         Fulfill your Physiology

a)        Act according to the Body’s needs and preferences

(1)      Breath  Excellent  Air
(2)      Drink Excellent  Water
(3)      Eat Excellent  Food
(4)      Be in Excellent  Light
(5)      Keep excellent  Temperature
(6)      Do Excellent  Activities
(7)      Maintain adequate Rest, Sleep, and Recooperation
(8)      Have Excellent Hygiene and Sanitation
(9)      Be with Wholesome Emotional Influences
(10)  Consider constitutional necessities

b)        Be Aligned with your Biorhythms

c)         Support your Constitution

(1)      Keep the Bodily Processes strong
(a)               Respiration
(b)               Circulation
(c)               Filtration and Purification
(d)               Assimilation
(e)               Elimination
(f)                 Defense
(g)               Structural Integrity
(h)               Secretion
(i)                  Metabolism
(j)                  Communication (Nerves and Hormones)
(k)               Understanding

2.         Follow the Principles of Natural Hygiene

C.       Be Humbled by the Powers of Nature to give and to take Life

1.         Know the Limit of your ego’s Powers

2.         Have Faith in the Higher Powers

3.         Be Thankful for what you Have

4.         Remain unattached to the fruits of your actions

D.       Seek further Wisdom of those Wise in Matters of Health and Healing