Patanjali on the Soulís Liberation


The man of discrimination ceases to regard the mind as the Soul. When the mind is bent on the practice of discrimination, it moves toward liberation. Distractions due to past impressions may arise if the mind

relaxes its discrimination, even a little. They may be overcome in the same manner as the obstacles to enlightenment. He who remains undistracted even when he is in possession of all the psychic powers, achieves, as the result of perfect discrimination, that samadhi which is called the 'cloud of virtue.' Thence come cessation of ignorance, the cause of suffering, and freedom from the power of karma. Then the whole

universe, with all its objects of sense-knowledge, becomes as nothing in comparison to that infinite knowledge which is free from all obstructions and impurities. Then the sequence of mutations of the gunas comes to an end, for they have fulfilled their purpose. This is the sequence of the mutations which take place at every moment, but which are only perceived at the end of a series. Since the gunas no longer have any purpose to serve for the Soul, they resolve themselves into Prakriti. This is liberation. The Soul shines forth in its own pristine nature, as pure consciousness.


Patanjali, Yoga Aphorisms, IV:25-34