Normal Functions of the Major Yin Internal Organs According to TCM


v     Governs the blood and blood vessels

v     Regulates blood flow

v     Stores the spirit

v     Opens into the tongue

v     Yin Pair of Small Intestine

v     Expresses itself in the complexion

v     The “Supreme Controller” of the organs


v     Governs Qi, controls respiration

v     Cause the Qi to Descend

v     Ensures regular flow through water passages

v     Governs the skin and hair

v     Opens into the nose

v     Expresses through the voice

v     Controls defensive Qi and perspiration

v     Aids the heart in blood circulation

v     Yin pair of Large intestine

v     “High Minister” of the organs


v     Governs transportation and transformation  of digestate

v     Keeps the Blood in the blood vessels

v     Sends clears Qi of digestate to lungs

v     Governs the muscles flesh and limbs

v     Opens to the mouth, manifested in the lips

v     Controls taste

v     Holds the organs in their place

v     Yin organ relationship to stomach

v     Director of the Grainary


v     Stores the Jing (Vital Essence)

v     Controls birth, development, maturation

v     Governs the bones, encourages marrow

v     Receives the Qi sent from the lungs

v     Maintains balance with the heart

v     Opens into the ears, urethra and anus

v     Reflected in the hair on the head

v     Nourishes the liver yin

v     Yin organ relationship to the bladder

v      Root of the yin and yang of all the organs


v     Stores the blood

v     Governs free flow of Qi

v     Governs bile secretion and emotion activity

v     Controls muscular, tendinous and ligamentous activity

v     Influences digestive function of stomach and spleen

v     Opens into the eyes

v     Manifests into the fingernails and toenails

v     Yin organ relationship to Gallbladder

v     The “General” in charge of making plans


v     Protects the heart from external pathogens

v     Circulates yang Qi of kidneys to the yin organs

v     Activates, energies, and controls the yin channels

v     “Minister of Leisure”, encouraging

     feelings of joy and pleasure