Normal Functions of the Major Yang Internal Organs According to TCM

Small Intestine

v      “The Official who receives abundance and transforms matter”

v      Further separation of clear from unclear

v      Governs liquid, transforms waste  water to kidneys

Large Intestine

v      “Controls transmission and drainage of dregs”

v      Forms solid waste into stool before moving it out of the body

v      Further absorbs fluid from waste

v      Controls the nose, throat and teeth


v      Sea of nourishment, water and grain

v      The chamber for rotting and ripening of food

v      Separates the pure from the impure and sends the clear to the spleen and the impure to the small intestines

v      Helps send Qi downwards

v      Together with spleen,  center of postnatal Qi


v      Controls storing of fluid excreted from kidneys

v      Activates yang aspect of kidney function

v      Helps one hold onto and release properly


v      Stores and secretes bile

v      “Court of Justice”, Decision Maker

v      Activates Yang aspects of liver function

Triple Burner

v      Upper burner:  heart and lungs

v      Middle Burner:  spleen and stomach

v      Lower Burner: kidney and liver

v      Regulates the general ingestion, digestion assimilation and elimination of foods and fluids

v      Refers to the water passages of the body

v      Helps controls defensive energies, and helps transport source Qi from the kidneys to the other organs