Neurotic Need

Appropriate Expression

The neurotic need for affection and approval. This need is characterized by an indiscriminate wish to please others and to live up to their expectations. The person lives for the good opinion of others and is extremely sensitive to any sign of rejection or unfriendliness.

The appropriate need for affection and approval.  A discriminate hope to please others and to help their realistic expectations inspire us to move towards excellence. 

The neurotic need for a "partner" who will take over one's life. The person with this need is a parasite. He overvalues love, and is extremely afraid of being deserted and left alone.

The appropriate need for a partner that will augment one’s life, in a give and take harmony that characterizes a healthy love.. 

The neurotic need to restrict one's life within narrow borders. Such a person is undemanding content with little, prefers to remain inconspicuous, and values modesty above all else.

The appropriate need to focus, manifest and remain modest.

The neurotic need for power. This need expresses itself in craving power for its own sake in essential disrespect for others' and in an indiscriminant glorification of strength and a contempt for weakness. People who are afraid to exert their power openly may try to control others through intellectual exploitation and superiority. another variety of the power drive is the need to believe in the omnipotence of the will. Such people feel they can accomplish anything simply by exerting will power.

The appropriate need to control oneself, and to help others to move towards their excellence.

The neurotic need to exploit others.

The appropriate need to help others

The neurotic need for prestige. One's self‑evaluation is determined by the amount of public recognition received.

The appropriate need for positive feedback and recognition.

The neurotic need for personal admiration. person with this need has an inflated picture of himself and wishes to be admired on this basis! not for what he really is.

The appropriate need for respect.

The neurotic ambition for personal achievement. Such a person wants to be the very best and drives himself to greater and greater achievements as a result of his basic insecurity.

The appropriate need to move towards excellence

The neurotic need for self‑sufficiency and independence. Having been disappointed in his attempts to find warm! satisfying relationships with people' the person sets himself apart from others and refuses to be tied down to anyone or anything. He becomes a lone wolf.

The appropriate need to be self-reliant

The neurotic need for perfection and unassailability. Fearful of making mistakes and of being criticized! the person who has this need tries to make himself impregnable and infallible. He is constantly searching for flaws in himself so that they may be covered up before they become obvious to others.

The appropriate need to do the best one can do, and to accept oneself for they are at.

Derived from Karen Horney’s list of Neurotic Needs, HALL AND LINDSEY