Maslow's Attributes of the Self-Actualized Person:


1. "More efficient perception of reality and more comfortable relations with it."

2. Acceptance of self' others, nature." ‑‑‑They accept bodily needs and natural processes without disgust or shame, but also appreciate the 'higher' qualities that help make up human nature.

3. Spontaneity: not weighed down by conventionality but can capture "peak: experiences" of daily living.

4. Problem centering: they can lose themselves in authentic problems without being preoccupied with themselves.

5. Detachment: they have a need for privacy and self‑sufficiency; their friendships and their attachments to their family are not of the clinging' intrusive' and possessive variety.

6. Independence of culture and environment.

7. Continued freshness of appreciation.

8. Limitless horizons: they usually express some concern with the ultimate nature of reality' and transcendence as the ability to know it.

9. Social feeling: they have compassion for their fellow brothers and sisters on the planet.

10. Deep but selective social relationships: they strive for intimacy with their loved ones.

11.Democratic character structure: they have "respect for any human being just because he is a human individual"

12.  Ethical certainty: they have a clear insight into the appropriateness or the inappropriateness of their acti ons.

13. Unhostile sense of humor.

14. creativeness.