Manifesto of Freedom



We are all free; apparent lack of freedom comes from self-imposed restraints, ignorance and fears of socio-ecological repercussions.


Peace is the resonant frequency of our essential nature. Apparent lack of peace comes from our conceived involvement with the world.  Endearing our peaceful nature resolves much apparent conflict.


Love is the urge to fulfill our ultimate goals.  It brings about the harmony of our resonant frequency within ourselves , with others and with the Earth.  Love helps the beloved to tune into their resonant frequency.  Love renders unto the beloved all that makes the beloved Beauty.  For humans, this can be on the biological, physiological, ideological, spiritual and socio-ecological dimensions.


Wisdom is skill in the way of love.  Wisdom is the knowledge, intention and power to tune oneself and others with their resonant frequencies creating a beautiful way of living.  Beauty is the peace, love and freedom to create value experience and expression (Quality of life).


People’s delusions become the drama of their existence.  We can create “our reality” by believing our conceptions, but we cannot create Reality.  Reality simply is, and has many reasons beyond our comprehension.  Perception and conception are different to that which is perceived and conceived.  The reality of our being goes way beyond our perceptions, conceptions and comprehensions.


Humans have drives to survive and thrive.  Most people seek the good life,  yet most remain confusing their feelings and ideas with reality.  Dissonant karma is bread from this confusion.  Believing ideas and feelings as real and true are the root of misconception and conflict.  Ideas and emotions may correlate with Reality, but only reflect part of our experience and conception of Reality.  The truth of reality goes beyond our experience. 


Ideas and feelings are tools used to help us survive, seek comfort, pleasure and fulfillment in the world.  Some are harmonizing and others disruptive.  Wise ones learn how to cultivate harmonizing thoughts and feelings and to experience beyond these tools. 


Being with our momentary experience behind thoughts and feelings allows us to be free of self-imposed restraints.  The pressures of memories of the past and hopes and fears of the future account for most of our turmoil.


One moment leaves the past and precedes the future.  Experience the experience of existing.  Our essential nature occurs in this moment.  Surfing the wave of experience on the edge of this moment allows us to be with the reality of our existence, rather than drowning our attention in the murky tides of preconceived notions. 


This tunes us in with our free and peaceful nature.  Being stuck in the past or apprehensive of the future adds to the apparent disturbance and distortion of our resonant frequency.  Our Beauty sleeps hidden beneath the murky refractions of a turbulent pond.  Identifying with the turbulence increases the apparent suffering.  


The only real laws are the laws of nature.  Uncovering our real nature requires being here, now.  We can access, at least, the reality of our experience.  We can be with our being and reside in our fundamental nature.  Access to reality is through the reconition of our being.   Identifying with peace and freedom as our essential nature tunes us with our resonant frequency.   


There are no nations;  Apparent borders come from people’s projection onto the world.  Countries exist as a powerful fiction.


The authority of any government, like the authority of parents is illusory.  The threat of retaliation for not believing this illusion does not make it more real.  The majority believing this illusion also does not make it more real.


Demanding the illusion of the authority be believed is calling tyranny.    Governments are nothing but agreements amongst people to believe that the illusion is true.  The more powerful the illusion of authority, the greater the control of the convention.  Laws and rules exist as part of this convention but do not make the illusion more real. 


The natural beauty of the Earth, like our personal well-being, is threatened by our delusions.  Insanity within our own minds breads insanity on the Earth.    Tyranny can reach beyond people to the Earth itself.  We can create our beauty even in seemingly terrible events.    Storms are part of the natural way once understood as such. Lack of “natural disasters” would have even more dire consequences, even if they are personally inconvenient or dangerous. 


The Earth is the great provider.  Injuring the Earth is the greatest danger. Beautifying the Earth is the greatest act of love.  Life flourishes when the Earth flourishes.  Recognize peace and freedom and wisely create  a beautiful world.