Health Benefits of Exercise


Exercise enhances ones vitality and promotes longevity


Exercise keeps the muscles, internal organs, bones, glands and nerves in a healthier condition


Exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system and prevents heart disease


Exercise helps to prevent osteoporosis and strengthens the bones


Exercise helps regulate the pituitary gland, hormonal cycles, and sensitivity to hormones


Exercise decongests the liver and intestines


Exercise helps prevent Alzheimer’s and other degenerative neurological conditions


Exercise helps prevent high blood pressure


Exercise lowers total and LDL cholesterol, and raises HDL cholesterol


Exercise can strengthen the immune system


Exercise raises the metabolic rate and can help prevent and reduce obesity and diabetes


Exercise can enhance cognitive performance


Exercise can help prevent and treat depression


Exercise can help prevent anxiety


Exercise can help the skin age more gracefully


Exercise can enhance joint flexibility, muscle strength and aerobic endurance


Exercise helps improve arterial, venous, lymphatic and interstitial circulation


Exercise can increase resistance to injury, and aid in the healing of injury


Exercise can regulate gastrointestinal function, digestion and waste elimination


Exercise is beneficial for stress management, reduces tension and enhances sleep


Exercise can improve job performance, quality and productivity


Exercise stimulates creativity, and helps us feel inspired


Exercise improves posture, agility and grace of bodily movement


Exercise prevents premature death, and physical and psychological signs of aging


Exercise helps functional performance


Exercise promotes a sense of well-being and feels good