Excellent Qualities of a Medical Student

According to Ayurveda




aversion to mean acts;

normal condition of eyes, face and nasal ridge;

thin, red and clear, tongue;

absence of any morbidity in teeth, lips and voice;


freedom from vanity;

presence of intellect, power of reasoning and memory;

liberal mindedness;

birth in the family of a physician or the one having the disposition of-a physician;

inquisitiveness for truth.

physical perfection;

unimpaired senses;

modesty and absence of ego;

ability to understand the real meaning of things;

absence of irritability;

absence of addictions;

good character, purity, conduct, love for study, enthusiasm and sympathetic disposition;

devotion to study;

uninterrupted taste for the theory and practice of the science;

absence of greed and laziness-.

good-will for living beings;

obedience for all the instructions of the preceptor; and

devotion to the preceptor.