The Ethics of a Barefoot Doctor

         It is good to care for others.

         It is preferable to allow people the freedom to choose the care they prefer.

         Negligence, abuse, fraud and less than skillful care should be accountable to the laws of the land.

          Healers should do what they are skilled at as excellently as possible, with the blessings of those involved.

         A healer has the right to serve or not to serve as their own conscience dictates

         A healer may act contrary to the laws regulating healing if a healing is requested and††††† necessary, and the healerís conscience believes they are skilled to execute the healing.

         A Barefoot Doctor respects the beliefs, cultures and laws of those they serve.

         A Barefoot Doctor keeps their healing relationships confidential and sacred.

         A Barefoot Doctor shares their art with those enthusiastically seeking to learn.

         A Barefoot doctor offers their services for a reasonable exchange.

         A Barefoot doctor has an unconditional positive regard for those they seek to serve

         A Barefoot Doctor honors their teachers and students, clients and colleagues.