Disruptions of the Internal Organs According to TCM


v       Heart Qi Deficiency

v       Heart Yang Deficiency

v       Heart Blood Deficiency

v       Heart Yin Deficiency

v       Upflaring of Heart Fire

v       Cold Phlegm obscuring the portals of the mind

v       Hot Phlegm obscuring the portals of the mind

v       Cardiac Bi



v       Deficient cold of the Small Intestine

v       Excess heat of the Small Intestine

v       Qi Stagnation in the Small Intestine



v       Failure of to disperse the Qi

v       Rebellious lung Qi

v       Lung Qi Deficiency

v       Lung yin Deficiency

v       Wind-cold damp invasion

v       Damp-heat invasion

v       Wind-heat invasion

v       Retention of phlegm in the lungs



v       Excess heat in the Large Intestine

v       Large Intestine damp heat

v       Large Intestine fluid depletion

v       Large Intestine deficient cold



v       Spleen Qi Deficiency

v       De-vitalization of Spleen Yang

v       Collapse of Center Qi

v       Failure of Spleen to hold blood in blood vessels

v       Spleen cold damp invasion

v       Spleen damp heat invasion


v       Stomach heat

v       Stomach fire

v       Stomach yin deficiency

v       Stomach cold

v       Food stagnation into stomach

v       Stomach Qi deficiency



v       Kidney Qi deficiency

v       Kidney yin deficiency

v       Heart-Kidney yin deficiency

v       Liver-Kidney yin deficiency

v       Lung-Kidney yin deficiency

v       Kidney yang deficiency

v       Spleen-kidney yang deficiency

v       Heart-Kidney yang deficiency

v       Kidney Jing deficiency

v       Weak mingmen fire


v       Damp heat in the bladder

v       Bladder deficient cold


v       Liver Qi Stagnation

v       Liver blood deficiency

v       Liver yin deficiency

v       Liver invading Stomach

v       Upflaring of liver fire

v       Hyperactive liver yang

v       Stirring of liver wind


v       Damp heat in the Gallbladder

v       Gallbladder excess

v       Gallbladder deficiency