Defense Mechanisms

Healthy Expression

Repression: the unconscious constraint of uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, keeping them out of awareness

Expression:  the willingness to assimilate uncomfortable thoughts, situations and feelings into a creative experience of  resolution.


Regression: a return to earlier levels of development and more primitive levels of behavior;

Progression:  a movement into more mature levels of development and advanced levels of behavior;


Projection: the process of placing one's own traits , attitudes or faults on others;

Introspective: Accepting of one’s own traits, attitutudes, and and faults and attempting to move then towards excellence.


Identification: a process by which an individual unconsciously or so, as a result of an emotional tie, behaves, or imagines himself behaving, as if he were the person with whom the tie exists.


Self-confident:  The willingness to be strong in ones own convictions and encouraging of ones own style.


Fantasy: a form of creative imaginative activity, where the images and trains of imaginary are directed and controlled by the whim or pleasure of the moment.


Creative:  The use of the imagination to create and express Beauty

Compensation: process by which the individual covers up a weakness or defect, by exaggerating the manifestation of a relatively less defective, or more desirable, characteristic;


Secure:  The willingness to accept ones own shortcomings and to be confident in our effort in pursuing our path.


Sublimation: process by which a sexual impulse, or its energy, is deflected, as to express itself in some non-sexual, and socially acceptable, activity;

Loving:  The fulfillment of sexual impulses when appropriate, and the skilled channeling of energy for purposes of creating Beauty.


Reaction-formation: the development of a personality trait of a behavior that is the opposite of the original unconscious, or repressed impulse or desire.


Noble: The development of personality traits that we respect and hold as virtuous.


Aggression: the conscious manifestation or projection of the death instinct, as the person "ruthlessly marches" over anxiety.


Cooperation:  the willingness to pursue a peaceful path whilst resolving challenges.


Denial: the exclusion from consciousness an anxiety producing experience

Sincerity:  The assimilation into consciousness of an anxiety producing experience, and acting forthright based on our true feelings.


Avoidance: the going around all thought, situations or feelings that might arouse anxiety.

Courageous: The direct dealing of thoughts and situations that may raise anxiety and acting with courage;


Narcotization: The strong attachments formed to an object, activity or situation that relieves anxiety.

Detachment: The willingness to confront the pains of existence directly.


Timidity: the extreme passivity that develops from fear of rejection and rebuff.

Confident:  the willingness to remain secure in the face of rejection.