The Constitution of Humans



The Universal Spirit; God

That which makes Life and consciousness possible

The source of light in the universe


The essence of individual consciousness

The true self, the soul

The witness of experience

The source of light in the individual

The will aspect of  the Monad (1st Ray)


That aspect of our awareness that appreciates quality.

The knower of right from wrong, good from bad.

The intuitive consciousness

Love aspect of the Monad (2nd Ray)


Higher mental body:  abstract reasoning

Active intelligence aspect of the Monad (3rd Ray)

Lower mental body: concrete operational functions


The emotions and internal “feelings” that color the screen of consciousness:  joy, sadness, guilt, shame, pride, anger, envy, thankfulness, worry, fear, bravery, cowardness, boredom, kindheartedness, optimism, pessimism, disgust, excited, sympathy, empathy, imagination, dreams


The conscious perception of our body;

Pathways that our awareness moves on.

Qi, ki, chi, prana, nadis, meridians, acupuncture points, chakras, aura


The material form that houses the other bodies of the individual.  That which is made of  flesh.