Chuang-tzu on Virtue


In the great beginning, there was non-being. It had neither being nor  name. The One originates from it; it has oneness but not yet physical form. When things obtain it and come into existence, that is called virtue. That which is formless is divided (into yin and yang), and from the very beginning going on without interruption is called destiny. Through movement and rest it, produces all things. When things are produced in accordance with the principle of life, there is physical form. When the physical form embodies and preserves the spirit so that all activities follow their own specific principles, that is nature. By cultivating one's nature one will return to virtue. When virtue is perfect, one will be one with the beginning. Being one with the beginning, one becomes vacuous, and being vacuous, one becomes great. One will then be united with the sound and breath of things. When one is united with the sound and breath of things, one is then united with the universe. This unity is intimate and seems to be stupid and foolish. This is called profound and secret virtue, this is complete harmony,

Chuang-tzu, 12:5