Charaka Samhita on the Development of Toxic State (Ama)


The Body is the product of food.  Disease occurs as a result of faulty nutrition.  The distinction between pleasure (health) and pain(disease) arises as the result of difference between the wholesome and unwholesome diet”.  Sutra 25:29



The agni (digestive fire), the impairment of which may be brought about by abstinence from food; indigestion; overeating; irregular diet habits; indulgence in incompatible articles of food; the consumption of cold substances; mal effects of purgation; emetics; oleation; the wasting of tissues which follow from in the wake of diseases; allergic states engendered by faults (or changes) in place, climate, season, and the suppression of natural urges, fail to digest even the most easily digestible light food.  Thus, undigested food attains fermentation, leading to the onset of toxic states (ama).  15:42-44