1.       The AHW is a healer.

2.       The AHW has a special place in the community because of this, like a traditional healer.

3.       The AHW has a duty to care for all who are sick, no matter what their race, or family group, or language group, or skin group.

4.       The AHWs can use their special status to care for people even in an avoidance relationship, if needed, if nobody in a right relationship to the patient is present.

5.       The AHW must always keep secret anything they learn about a patient while they are caring for him.

6.       The AHW must not use his special status for personal gain, or to disadvantage anyone.

7.       The AHW must never be intoxicated when caring for patients.

8.       The AHW is a promoter of health, as well as a curer of sickness. This means that they should set an example in their life.

9.       The AHW will never knowingly harm any person, born or unborn.

10.   The AHW will refer any patient whose condition he has not been trained to recognise and treat, or who is not responding to standard treatment.

11.   The AHW will always regard persons who have taught them their craft with respect, like their parents. (This is an idea from Hippocrates).