AMA’s Key Objectives and Strategies


The AMA will pursue its envisioned future through four key objectives, each supported by a set of key strategies. Our objectives and strategies summarized and subsequently detailed below translate the AMA’s core purpose, envisioned future, and values into actionable programs that create impact.


Objective 1:

World’s leader in obtaining, synthesizing, integrating, and disseminating information on health and medical practice

Strategy 1.1:

Provide physicians with timely, accurate and relevant information on health science and medical practice.

Strategy 1.2:

Provide physicians, patients and communities with timely, credible, and relevant information on improving health status and making informed choices about their medical care.



Objective 2:

Acknowledged leader in promoting professionalism in medicine and setting standards for medical ethics, practice, and education.

Strategy 2.1:

Developing and applying expertise in medical ethics in service to physician and health system professionalism.

Strategy 2.2:

Setting, disseminating, and applying standards of medical practice to help physicians provide the best possible care to patients.

Strategy 2.3:

Setting, disseminating, and applying standards for medical education to enhance the life-long professional development of physicians.



Objective 3:

Most authoritative voice and influential advocate for patients and physicians.

Strategy 3.1:

Provide comprehensive, relevant, responsive policies that serve as a foundation for effective advocacy and representation of patients and physicians.

Strategy: 3.2:

Implement AMA policy through outreach to the public sector (legislatures, government agencies, and courts).

Strategy: 3.3:

Implement AMA policy through advocacy in the private sector (employers, health care delivery systems, and insurers).

Strategy 3.4:

Strengthen the AMA by building and enhancing our core identity through integrated communications.



Objective 4:

A sound organization that provides value to members, federation organizations, and employees

Strategy 4.1:

Strengthen the AMA by promoting membership growth through the provision of valued membership benefits and the pursuit of cooperative Federation relationships that benefit members.

Strategy 4.2:

Strengthen working relationships with the Federation for mutual support for all Federation components and their activities.

Strategy 4.3:

Maintain the AMA as an efficient and responsive organization through effective management and administration.

Strategy 4.4:

Strengthen the AMA through appropriate generation of non-dues revenues

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