Since ancient times, there have been these people,

So clear a guiding light;

They lived their life accord their vision;

 And disciplined their sight.


There was our Father Moses,

Who found the Promise Land;

He passed on the Ten Commandments,

From Divinity to all Man.


The Buddha so clearly saw,

Freedom from all pain,

Suffering, though part of life,

Nirvana brings refrain.


The incarnation of sweet Lord Krsna,

The source of all our bliss;

His very name means 'Great Pleasure',

His Dharma shouldn't be missed.


The message from our brother Jesus is:

Love God with all our heart ;

Peace will then come on earth,

Love thy neighbor as a start.


There are so many others,

Who helped mankind evolve,

 Who pointed out our problems,

And how they can be solved.


So it is worth our while ,

To study these great beings;

And discipline our efforts toward,

The best of what we're seeing.