Pilgrims of the Soul



Dearest pilgrims of the Soul,

Be one with the vision of Light,

Be clear of your precious journey,

and be rid of your misliven life.


As you live, you will see,

the Light that comes with Peace,

The Bliss, the Glory, the Holy Freedom,

of living in release.


Much, much more, waits in store,

as the Soul brings vision in sight;

Ego's arrogance wades away,

as the Soul shines the Spirit bright.


If an innocent young infant only knew,

the sufferings that lie ahead,

Cry now he does, soon to be soothed,

by the breast he soon is fed.


How can the youth, caught up in confusion,

see that all shall pass away,

That all but One, known as the Soul,

is brought to dust one day.


Sleep now he does in drunken dumbfoundance,††

unawakened from the sobering Soul;

His identity uncertain,††

while karma takes its toll.


Survival demands a selfish intent,

as does the wants of our lust and greed;

So much may misline, the misguided youth,

as he carries on his breed.


 Power, fear, beauty, or fame

illness, guilt or shame,

May distract the pilgrim from the path,

to play in maya's game


But low and behold, slow and uncertain,

the Soul begins to unfold

Bringing insight and wisdom and service,

integrating the personís world.


After trial and tribulation,

the youth disciplines his foolish ways

He humbles himself to the voice of Silence, taking heed to what it says


By aligning and transforming,

transfiguring he transcends

As a Disciple of the Soul,

the Pilgrim soon ascends.


Ascending to the responsibility of Life,

serving the Group in front of himself;

Each being becoming his brother,

as sons of the Father's true Self.


Nothing but effort with sincere intent,†††

principled by the Will and Love of the Spirit,

Can help the Pilgrim of the Soul,

gain grace on his path, and endure it.