The way of love and harmony,

to whom the gods gave birth,

Is known as ďaikidoĒ,

gift of heaven to the earth;


Based on natural principles,

and unlimited power of the breath,

Aikido seeks to protect all life,

from those who bring on death.


To let a person strike you,

allows the aggressor to sin;

Turn your cheekinvisible,

Be evasive and control him.


Whenone tries to strike you,

move swiftly out of the way;

Or enter complete and fully,

to put evil in itís place.


Put ki in place of muscle,

yin in support of yang;

Use love to balance aggression,

to help natureís wayalong.


Move in the eight directions,

Empowered, full of ki;

Extend out to the end of the universe,

to let what should be, be.


Take strong root, move from your center;

Know the otherís mind;

Unify your mind and body,

and see how nature is so kind.


Lead his mind to think your there,

allowing him to miss;

Use his energy against himself,

to render him powerless.


Catch the timing of the incoming energy,

use the triangle, circle and square;

Let the universe support you,

and prove that you care.


Care enough to do whatís right,

even when attacked from all sides;

Aikido is limitless,

as nature will seek to harmonize.