Warriors of the Light


There are those great ones who are truly brave,

Fearless on the path to enlightenment;

These are the warriors,

Slayers of ego’s imprisonment.


The battle they fight is not with guns,

But with discipline of mind;

They fight with demons that lurk about,

That keep us from being more kind.


It is hard to be good to oneself,

Even harder to care for another;

The warrior is on the battlefield,

Caring like a brother, sister, father or mother.


Anyone who is devoted

Who shines forth a brighter light;

Who use wisdom, insight and compassion,

Partake in the warriors fight.


Selfishness is the ultimate foe,

Who keeps the light closed and locked;

 Warriors break down these barriers,

That ego use to block.


When the light of the heart is open,

Warriors call forth their help and protection;

Warriors are the boddhisattvas,

Prism of the light’s intention.


Warriors are dedicated to fellowship,

Confident, clear and strong;

Genuinely lighting the way,

To were we all belong.