The vices are those traits,

We know we should not do,

But as if it were compulsion

We act against what we knew.


Problem after problem,

Arise in vicious cycles,

Giving life its fears,

And lending life its trifles.


Anger, lust, pride and greed,

To selfishly take, and purposely mislead;


Lying, thievery, tyranny, neglect;

Dishonor lethargy, undue disrespect.


And so many others,

That drag us down;

Make life difficult,

For all around.


A virtue leads to happiness,

The vices lead to Hell;

They are those tempting actions,

That wicked demons sell.


They tie knots, in our hearts,

And blind the righteous eye,

hey bind anguish to our action,,

And neglect love's moral tie.


Between two vices lies a virtue,

Called the Golden Mean;

Temper temptation and live out,

The mean between extremes.


This will not guarantee,

A life without its pain;

But will help our life gain peace,

Free from guilt and shame.