To be Called “Doctor”


Since time ancient there have been those,

Who skillfully attend to medical care;

We call these wise ones “doctor”,

Who choose the psyche and body to repair.


With the stage of aspiration,

The study of healing begins,

“I want to heal, I want to help”,

are the beginning stages of doctoring.


This intent moves the student,

To study the healing arts;

To learn about life’s impact,

To watch what their teachers can impart.


Nature has a way with flesh,

Guiding it in and out of health;

Psyche also has a way to warp,

Nature’s loving help.


So many influences on well-being,

It’s a lifetime study and still a deep mystery;

Skillful doctoring comes about,

As one learns about nature’s history.


In times of mild upset,

Enticing nature to cooperate will do,

But in times when the flame of illness ablazes,

They heavy artillery is needed to get us through.


At times doctors are called to use the big guns,

And call war on nature’s advances;

Trauma, invasion, cancer, genetics,

Malnutrition, neurosis, just chances,


Too many ways to become unglued,

Many ways to pick up the pieces;

Pills and potions and surgery,

Redirection, advice, releases.


Doctoring takes on many forms,

Modern and old ways blended anew;

Most important to be called “doctor”,

One need help when healing is due.