To Be Remembered


What greater horror for most humans,

Than to be forgotten;

Each of us, it seems, have this desire,

To be remembered.


Our Spirit lives on in the memories of others,

Our bodies can die at any stage;

We are re-incarnated by our legend, we hope,

At least a memory can go beyond our age.


Skating on the edge of oblivion,

We fear our mortality;

Our relief is our hope,

To be remembered.


History is mad of these Spirits,

They have briefly found a reprieve;

To soon we too will be forgotten,

Then our spirit takes its final leave.


Each moment impacts upon the next,

The next will do the same;

The memory of our ancestors,

Impacts us, even if we forget their names.


Our poems and art, sculpture in stone,

Will eventually wither into its own end;

All that we remember, has as itís essence: no-thing.

All memories are not the thing.


So when forging life so as to be remembered,

Take care on your impact onto the moment;

It is these repercussions that will impact how we are remembered,

Not just some thought remembered in some mind.