Thus Arises...


Searching for the immortal,

hope gives way to fear;

Even hope is but a thought,

that attaches an ego here.


Here, now is the moment,

the moment gets lost in thought;

Speculation, calculation, surmisal,

of what is, could be or not.


The fleeting images takes precedent,

like a drowner struggling to survive;

Grabbing for any support,

grasping not to die.


Vehicles come and go,

Drivers go through a few;

Drivers eventually come to rest,

the body and mind will too.


“I am this body” , “I have these thoughts”,

“These are my feelings and vision...”,

These are merely flashes on the screen,

taking part in the ego’s delusion.


Even saying “nothing will last”, “all will give away”,

are but words upon the speaker of the mind;

Being with emptiness, here and now,

is different then these linguistic signs.


So distractions take precedent, the eternal neglected,

the moment gives heed to the morrow;

Thus arises pain,

Thus continues sorrow.


Within the Moment remains the eternal,

What is, what was, and what will be;

This can be relied on,

to tune towards eternity.