The yogi keeps his mind in tame,

Controlling every thought;

Ego wants are kept restrained,

From thinking what their not.


Focused on the rhythmic breath,

He quiets down his psyche,

He listens to the holy Om,

And watches the white light.


Disciplined in deed and word,

One with the blissful state;

He is within, but lives without,

Renouncing evil fate.


Steady among pain and pleasure,

The same towards good and bad:

The yogi lives a precious life,

Among the suffering and the sad.


Many try and few succeed,

The weaker fall and fail;

Narrow is this sacred path,

But blessed is the trail.


Whether by devotion,

Meditation, love, work or thought,

The Yogi's mind discriminates,

Between what's real and what is not.