The Gunas


As Spirit impregnates Matter,

Form takes on characteristics;

The Gunas are the Qualities of Being,

Reflected in all existence.


“Sattva” is the clean and pure,

The true, and crystal clear;

It harmonizes that which it touches,

The real, the good and dear.


“Rajas” is the seed of the active,

movement, unrest, and excitement;

It stirs up, fires, and motivates,

and adds to life’s enticement.


“Tamas” is the impure and rotten,

Lethargy, slothful, inertia;

It corrupts, disrupts and is negative,

holding back the other Gunas.


Sattva, Rajas and Tamas,

The primary colors of the spectrum;

From these rays come the manifest,

Like light shined from the Sun.