The Beauty of Life


The Beauty of Life is our ultimate goal,

our happiness, enlightenment, and hope;

It is the success of our love and effort,

It is why our species copes.


When a being has intelligence,

and moves towards the graceful way,

It is here where Beauty comes shining,

through the evolutionary forces at play.


Love is the specific force that renders towards Beauty,

like a fountain spewing forth;

If  Fate is kind, the intelligence proceeds

to give Beauty a loving start.


Though many things may hinder the life,

and many things can bring life strife,

the highest success of Beauty is the husband and wife,

raising their children in love.


With this love comes a glimmer of hope,

that this life will indeed succeed.

A life with love provides the chance for Beauty,

if the soul is willing to take heed.


Takes heed enough to seek the good life,

and share it , in love, with others;

Then, even when Fate challenges the life,

The Beauty of Life is uncovered