I'm on the cutting edge of what is real and what is not;

Passion guides my destiny,

To hit the target that I sought.


Compulsion takes on a leading role,

My Soul is driven by reigns of desire:

A passenger out of control.


Do I have a chance  to see clear the guiding Light?

 Joy seems so far.

Vision awaits my sights.


With intention aimed by loving hopes,

I will the righteous Way ;

My skill as an archer is less than perfect;

Insecurity leaves a sway.


Wisdom remains untouched in a coveted dream;

Intent and action seek a blessed union,

In Quality's ever flowing stream.


Despair will not overpower my hopeful intent;

 I will not throw down my bow,

I can let my aim repent.


I take center now with steady hands,

to unleash the faithful arrow,

I am content once letting go,

For Destiny's path is narrow.


And where it lands,

I'll leave to Fate:

Ruler of the Archer's Passion,

Where Intent and Destiny mate.