The happy home has harmony,

Each person has their place;

The people there awake each morn,

With smiles on their face.


The young ones have a free spirit,

Spending most their day in play;

Yet still are willing to take heed,

To what their parents say.


Mom and Dad are teachers,

Who teach best by example;

The kids  copy their behavior,

Because their love is ample.


Their may be sibling rivalry,

But it's tempered by respect;

Each person finds their talents,

No one feels neglect.


Each child there feels special,

No one is the pet;

Except the doggy rover,

Who even likes the Vet.


Nurtured with tender loving care,

Like a plant in fertile soil;

The family in a happy home,

Remains for forever, loyal.


As the children grow,

And the parent's hair turns gray,

There is one thing that never changes,

And that's the family's loving way.