One day in the wood, we took a walk ,

Me and my love, to have a talk.


The sun shone down, and the earth did glisten;

But we had to stop to take listen.


For we heard from a birdie up in a tree:

 "Hello, tweet-tweet, Good day to thee."


I sang back to that bird high up above:

"Hello, tweet-tweet, Please sing of love."


Now let's listen closely to the bird,

And tune in with his whistled word:


"Make Love, not lust, and Peace, not war,

Take what you need, and want no more.


To stuff your mouth, your eyes or ears,

Brings vain regret of selfish fears.


You are deceived by your senses,

That look with out and build defenses.


You project your image on what you can,

And rape the Earth, you call your land.


If you lived with love you wouldn't disgust,

Your lives with hate, greed or lust.


The senses need some taming, detachment from all lust.

Your ego needs restraining, meekness is a must.


For meekness lets us see, the Beauty in all things,

Unfettered from our covet, the spirit in us sings.


So strike that Chord where you tune in;

In humbled tone, repent your sin.


Live your life accord your vision;

Be content with what your given.


You get from Life just what you give;

So give to Life, so you may live.


First find that Peace that none can steal;

And gain that knowledge that is revealed.


Then shine your love for all to see,

And enjoin your life with Liberty.


Love is so important: the source of all our bliss;

The killer of our vanity, the peak of happiness.


And Joy is why to do it--to Love with all our might;

 The landscape of the heavens, the Universal Light."


When the Bird's sweet song had hit our ears,

We drank its nectar and shed our tears.


For as he sung we wore set free,

To live our lives in Harmony.


He gave us hope and inspiration;

Filled our hearts with jubilation.


In Love with Life, we joined as one,

With Mother Earth and Father Sun.


My love and I joined hands, to sing these simple words,

Our song of Peace and Love to that wise  ol'little bird.


"We are One and One is All, We rejoice and take praise;

We are humbled and feel the Peace.

We'll share our Loving ways."


At last the birdie flew away and tweet a sweet good-bye,

We knew it was our master who flew off to the sky.