In and out  with every breath,

Subtle and naive,

The Tao lives on forever,

Eternally conceived.


Yin and yang, black and white,

Duality drops out;

Relativity comes to one,

Absolutely is the Tao.


In flux and flow is Nature's Way,

Essential to all Being,

The universal rhythm,

The meaning of our seeing.


Paradox has its place,

Settled in the Tao,

Unity in infinite ways

Infinity: here and now.


The creative Force within all Beauty,

The Beauty in the Spirit,

The Spirit of our kinship love,

The bliss of those who fear it.


When one tries to grasp it,

It eludes the reasoning mind,

 But those who understand it,

 Claim there's no greater find.


It is more yielding than the water,

Yet stronger than all man,

More revealing and much wiser,

Than the smartest in the land.


A humbled way may draw it near ,

silent manner keeps it here,

Knowledge of it withstands fear:

The Tao is the Way of Life.