Speculating about Truth


It is quite remarkable,

That some think they know the truth;

As if we could discern the real

Like the left from our right,

Or the night from the day.


It seems more like speculation,

A guess, even if based on strong evidence;

Even if one seems “sure”,

Still a guess, educated at best.

Even the left and right have a center,

The day and night, a twilight and dawn.


My left, your left, 

Night in New York,

Day in Tokyo;

Everything seems relative.

Absolute truth seems irrelevant in our relative world.


All I know is that I don’t know the truth,

Unless I know it and don’t know it;

At least I can speculate about truth,

And use the definition that fits the relative circumstances.

There are many definitions of truth,

here are but a few;


Truth is the corroboration of fact with the evidence;

Truth is how a who did what and why at a where and when;

Truth is the equal sign in E=mc2;

Truth is what is real here and now;

Truth is what we agree is true;

Truth is what we can prove as true.

Truth is the written word of God;

Truth is whatever we think is true;

Truth is nature’s way;

Truth is what is;

Truth is not definable into words;

Truth is unknowable;


So many definitions, the list goes on and on;

Like religion, some choose one definition and guard it as “the truth”;

Either they are all wrong, or one is right,

Or they are speculating about truth.