Seven Rays


As light is a spectrum,

That colors its displays,

The Spirit of Life does also,

Manifest into seven rays.


And just as light as three primary colors,

That blend into the rest.

So too, there are three primary soul qualities,

That the Spirit does manifest.


Life, quality and appearance

Are expressed in the spirit, soul and body.

These are refracted into the primary ray qualities,

Of will, love and intelligent activity.


The first great ray is the ray of will,

That gives power and strength to the soul.

Its dynamic intensity requires responsibility,

Or else destruction may take its toll.


With right tuning and focus of purpose,

The first ray gives courage to the vision.

It goes like a line to a point,

Uniting any division.


The second ray is the ray of love.

Manifest as quality, soul, consciousness.

It brings worth and value, purpose and wisdom,

To that contained within our awareness.


The second ray is more magnetic,

Attracting those who need the care employed.

If love is abused, it leads to hate,

If used right leads to peace and joy.


The third ray of intelligent activity,

Brings knowledge to reasonable use.

Planning, strategic, expanding,

It too can be used for good-will or abuse,


All the rays can be manifest clearly,

Or warped by a neurotic delusion;

They can be tarnished by some glamour,

Our some other illusion.

These three primary rays manifest

Into our personalities, emotions and mind;

The intent of our soul gives the most light,

On how our life is designed.


The four other rays that make the seven,

Can color our lives a lot.