Remember this While Wallowing in the Quagmire


If we were only as skillful in life as we are in sport,

Perhaps then wed see some humanity.

Some Grace, some Wisdom, some Elegance,

Of the excellence that life could be.


Like figure skaters we could whirl about,

With our love and our forgiveness;

We could serve with skill, delight and determination,

Set a record with our kindness.


But all to often we loose sight of our hopes,

And wobble off our path.

We wallow in the quagmire,

Wondering how to get back.


By returning to hope, and re-attempting to try,

The skill in our life can gain grip.

We must have courage and strength,

To take hold again as we slip.


Its the continued returning to what means the most;

Placing emphasis where emphasis is due.

Reckoning with the fundamentals,

And persisting through what we need get through.


Get through to succeed in life,

And bear good fruit like a pro;

Just remember the most fundamental:

We reap just what we sow.