Reflections on the Projections onto the Reflections from the Projections


Arousing deep inner suspicions,

I open my eyes to behold the world.

Does reality conform to my imaginings,

Or does my imagination conform to reality?


This is not the answer I seek, however, in this moment.

I seek the phenomena themselves;

With or without meaning;

With or without hope;

With or without truth.


Curiosity is my impetus to behold;

Beholding, the impetus to behold more;

And here I am, beholding, longing for more;

Yet I see only what I see.


I can project onto the scene,

Certainly the sun does.

I can sense the reflections of the sun,

And call these reflections, my beholding,

And neurologicalize these sensations into my perceptions.


Now my mind wants to project meaning, hope and truth onto my perceptions.

I seek the reality behind my projections onto the reflection.

But Iím afraid, that I am not neurologically wired for knowing the truth behind the form.

I know only the projections onto the reflections from the projections.