Being in sync, in harmony,

Tuning in, empathic, secure;

So many ways to communicate well,

as we gain a good rapport.


Rapport is the gist,

of singing a song together;

It makes us feel more comfortable,

and joins our hearts much better.


Rapport invites us to open up,

to be ourselves in our own self’s way;

And invites others to be themselves,

trusting what we say.


Mirroring posture, tone and attitude,

Eye level in more ways than one;

Using similar gesture,

in rhythm with body and tongue.


Speak the words that honor another,

and can be heard by others that hear;

Describe visions, thoughts, feelings and sounds,

to others in a way that’s clear.


Thus we can pace each other,

and lead each other to a higher place;

Rapport is the hope of connecting as one,

as our souls embrace.