Plea to Humanity


What words could I use to move you,

to cooperate and care?

What rhyme could I do you,

to help you be aware?


Be aware of each other, and with each other atone.

Take care to great lengths, to care for those who moan;

Dare to be nice, donít wait, bring your family home.


Home where loved ones do care;

Home where we sing our song;

Home where peace is a happening.

Home where we all belong.


Belong to each other, like brothers and sisters,

Like sons and daughters, like seeds and ancestors.

Our home is the blessings ofbeing the blessers.

Blessed by blessings of love.


Love is the force that renders towards Beauty,

Love is the means to fulfill our duty,

Love is my plea to all of humanity,

Love one, love all,